Wood – excellent eco balance

Wood extracts CO2 from the air. In doing so, carbon is stored in the wood. The carbon remains stored in our products for many years. Wood is a real hero in terms of climate protection, but also an ingenious building material.

What could be better than a renewable raw material?

Wood is always available in a sufficient quantity and makes up the largest carbon reservoir in the world.

Sustainable projects are implemented with wood.

Wood is available at regional level – in our case right on our doorstep.

Wood can be disposed of climate neutrally and provides heat or electricity.

The sustainability of wood as a building material continues in our sources of supply. Our wood comes exclusively from sustainably managed forest areas. We handle our raw material carefully and also put this attitude into practice at the company, at all workplaces and on all machines and vehicles.

Doing business in a sustainable manner is our prerequisite for a healthy and viable future.

Even our by-products generated during wood production are used