The wood life cycle

The processing cycle is closed at all the sites operated by Ladenburger Holzwerke.
We utilise 100 % of our wood.

  • Using short transport routes from forests in our region, trucks bring the softwoods directly to our plant.
  • The bark is turned onto bark mulch and provides trees and plants with nutrition. Or it is used to heat the company production halls and buildings as well as to dry the wood.
  • Sawdust and wood chips are made into pellets that emit heat.
  • The sawn wood is made into our modern building elements – battens, planed goods, construction timber or wood for façades – and thereby adorn your home or company building.

The excellent eco balance displayed by wood thus continues in our resource-friendly management of the forest, of the building material that is wood, as well as in our high-quality and sustainably produced products. We value our building material highly and see it as the number one climate protector. That is our contribution to active climate protection and our ecological future.

Internal provisions and regulations underline our sustainable and value-adding attitude with and towards our material, wood. Our employees are responsible for optimised planning of the resources and materials and work every day on pursuing these aims in an even more precise and concrete manner.

We love to enjoy the forest in all its facets, to smell the wood in our warehouse and production facilities and create innovative products out of it. We thereby bring the natural material that is wood home to our customers – for natural living and building. We act ecologically and sustainably day after day for this purpose.