Ceiling elements

Wood gives us a healthy indoor climate

That is why choosing a wooden ceiling always adds value. Solid wood ceiling elements made of spruce glulam make a significant contribution to a cosy living atmosphere. The wood’s moisture-regulating properties lead to a pleasant and healthy interior climate, as well as good thermal and sound insulation plus fire protection values. 

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  • Ceiling elements

    Ceiling elements

    Ladenburger Holzwerke has put its whole knowledge and experience into the field of “solid wood ceiling elements made of glulam”. Care has been taken in this respect to ensure that cutting precisely to measure makes fast assembly with immediate load-bearing capacity possible. It is also possible to individually machine the single ceiling elements in our joinery centre.

    And two other important benefits:

    The solid wood ceiling elements made of glulam take up less room height than a normal wood beam ceiling and they have a lower tare weight than concrete ceilings. The variability of the design goes without saying.