Ladenburger laminated wood (LSH)

Ideal for modern timber and passive building construction

All the construction and building properties come together here in one product – dimensionally stable and also available as standard in large widths: 

as a duo/trio laminated wood beam version: Two or three untreated FOHC slats are glued together here giving the Ladenburger laminated wood beams high dimensional stability.
The solid wood character is ensured by the few glue joints, so that the beams can be used in visible modern timber designs, helping create a feel-good atmosphere.

The LSH product has been added to the product group. This LSH produced by Ladenburger features a glued composition protected by the utility model and permits size variations beyond the usual dimensions. Widths up to 300 millimetres are possible here.

The benefit for carpenters is therefore plain to see: they are able to do great work in modern timber and passive building construction with the optimally prepared material that is wood.

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  • LSH: Ladenburger laminated wood NSi

    Spruce: Ladenburger laminated wood NSi

    By implementing a sustainable and resource-friendly production of construction timbers, with LSH we have created a material that stands out equally due to its excellent quality and comparatively affordable price.

    LSH comes glued on the narrow or broad side depending on the dimensions.

    Duo/Trio laminated beams

    Spruce: Ladenburger laminated wood Si/NSi
    Duo/Trio laminated beams

    Duo/Trio laminated beams made of spruce are available for the visible and non-visible area.
    In certain dimensions we offer Duo laminated beams for the non-visible area also in larch/Douglas fir.

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