We are Ladenburger

Be it warehouse specialists, buyers, bookkeepers, machine operators, team leaders or management – together we are a big family. The talents and expertise of our employees make us strong. We respect one another, enjoy working together and give our best every day. Wood is our passion.

In the words of employees
Our community is made up of every individual.

Annika Baier (2)

Annika Baier


For my training to become an industrial clerk, I pass through all the departments in administration, which I find very interesting.

Georg Bolsinger (2)

Georg Bolsinger

Joinery Bopfingen

The work on the joinery machine is varied and interesting and that is precisely what does it for me. 

Nina-Wagner (2)

Nina Wagner

Loading Bopfingen

I like my work and am aware of the challenges. Ultimately it comes down to every last millimetre when loading trucks...

David Brendecke (2)

David Brendecke

Production Geithain

The final treatment is an important production step and my work ensures the perfect finishing.

Henryk Klemm (2)

Henryk Klemm

Fabrication Geithain

Wood processing and the fabrication of large parts is very varied these days. Work therefore never gets boring.

Chris Eger-Eber (2)

Chris Eger-Eber

Svetruck forklift driver Kerkingen

It was always my dream to drive large vehicles
…and here I’m currently driving the Svetruck and transporting enormous amounts of wood every day. At the end of the day, you know what you’ve achieved!

Joachim Grimm (2)

Joachim Grimm

Truck driver

Loading – securing – driving – delivering the wood to the customers! I have been a truck driver at Ladenburger for over 35 years now and I still enjoy it every day!

Nico Bahr (2)

Nico Bahr

Specialist market Geithain

I am convinced by our products and our quality. Helping a customer to find their ideal product with advice and samples is a great feeling for me every time.

Axel Hennrich (2)

Axel Hennrich

Sawmill Kerkingen

As a sawmill foreman, I know the mill like the back of my hand. I am also responsible for our apprentices in the sawmill and enjoy helping the young generation with their training. At some point they become the ‘old hands’.

Eva Rollbühler (2)

Eva Rollbühler

Stacking Kerkingen

In the wood production department, it is often hot, loud and strenuous. We are a good team here and all work together.

Eric Schmieder (2)

Eric Schmieder

Production Geithain

The shift operation is well regulated and colleagues also help each other out from time to time. We are a good team.

Martin Gloning (2)

Martin Gloning

Workshop Kerkingen

I am training to be an agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics engineer. The task area at Ladenburger is very varied – so I am always learning something new.

Dennis Dombrowe (2)

Dennis Dombrowe

Production management Geithain

Absolute teamwork and a good working atmosphere are important to me.

Andreas Schüler (2)

Andreas Schüler

Sales Aufhausen

Wood is also my passion. We have great products in sales and impress with quality. I find the contact with our customers in the office and in the field enjoyable every day.