For quality it is necessary to develop a
sense of awareness

The greatest asset at our company is the quality.


At our company, this demand is shaped by people – employees who day after day overcome challenges with their passion and competence and make the highest demands on the products and themselves.
The expertise of our development team, the experience of our round timber buyers,

the commitment of our production staff and the passion of our sales staff require a high quality awareness. We base our processes and work procedures on the quality that you sense, feel and smell in our products – and do so with energy and passion every single day.

Holistic way of thinking:
“We set about our work with passion!”

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Continuous improvement of processes

With our focus on the satisfaction of our customers, we continually work on increasing our productivity, reducing production costs, shortening throughput times and reducing resources used in manufacturing – to name just a few of the objectives that drive us forward.

Thanks to a continuous process improvement in all areas of our company, we ensure that we are always able to offer our customers the best quality at a fair price. Our employees help optimise our processes with their improvement suggestions, through to delivering to our customers on time. Together we work every day to support our customers with transparency, knowledge and expertise in all matters.