System panels for louvered ceilings

Optimal benefit

The Ladenburger system panels for louvered ceilings make it possible to design ceilings in an individual manner. When rooms are converted for a new use, changed requirements are often made of the ceilings. In addition to pure functionality, a nice look and a feeling of cosiness also come into the equation. The Ladenburger system panels bridge the gap here between functionality and aesthetics.

Thanks to the popular grid dimensions, our StudioLine louvered ceiling can be ideally integrated into any interior with a louvered ceiling installation.

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  • StudioLine system panel

    StudioLine system panel

    Design meets function here
    High-quality look whilst increasing the feel-good quality and improving the ambient sound.

    The top layer is identical to StudioLine Solo but the sound-absorbing wood fibre insulation panel makes all the difference. The StudioLine Plus was developed taking classic principles of sound aesthetics into account. With a tested absorption factor up to αw 0.4 H of sound absorption class E, for many room dimensions we achieve an improvement to the quality of the ambient sound and hence an increase in the feel-good quality.

  • StudioLine Grafik Oberflaeche



    Grossglockner fir

    Grossglockner fir



    StudioLine Maple look


    StudioLine Oak look


    StudioLine HDF White Decor

    HDF White Decor