The Ladenburger logistics department

Ensuring sufficient material in the required quality, on site at the right time is an art. Sophisticated logistics concepts and well-thought-out routes enable us to quickly provide our goods at the right place. We nurture this art with a large fleet of vehicles, our own logistics planners, who have an ear on the wood and always know where which goods are needed. Modern software and highly trained, motivated staff, who understand their trade, result in the best team for us that you can imagine.

Loading and transport

Our daily exercise is the manufacture of wood products in the widest range of designs, finishes and modules. Our duty is to perfect the warehousing and distribution of our wood products.

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End product
at the right time and the right place

Our warehousing is continuously and digitally monitored according to the relevant key figures such as stock rotation and levels. Our employees know which products have to be available in what quantities like the back of their hand. By means of these key figures, we make sure that our customers receive the required goods at the agreed time. Not only does this give our sales staff security about the availabilities of the goods, but also and above all, it gives you security for your project timeline.

Using our perfected scheduling of the internal and external movement of goods, our routes are optimised in terms of time and consumption.

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