Ladenburger Holzwerke

The highest quality standard,
traditional values and modern thinking


Wood envelops people’s living space. As a natural raw material, it puts itself unselfishly at our disposal with all its positive properties. It is the task of those who use the raw material, process it and emphasise its charm to ensure this remains the case in future too. This calls for responsibility when making use of it. Holzwerke Ladenburger have been facing up to this responsibility for decades.

The group of companies is PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). This certification ensures the protection as well as the sustainable use and management of forest areas. Because our forests provide the habitat for wildlife and plants. Responsibility and respect are therefore directly linked to the utilisation of wood as a raw material.

We act in a sustainable and business-like manner

GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE PROTECTION – Wood is a valuable material for environmental and climate protection. The greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, is turned into carbon and oxygen in trees by means of photosynthesis caused by sunlight. The oxygen is released and the carbon is stored in the wood for many decades. Wood products are therefore the optimal CO2 reservoir – their use makes an active contribution to climate protection.

Not only do we think in a sustainable manner, but also in a business-like manner.
We process our raw material of wood completely. This means that all the components of the raw material used are processed in the value added chain. From bark mulch and wood chips through to high-quality construction timber and façade cladding, the entire raw material is used. Waste? Not with us and convincingly so.